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Companies Law Procedure with Compliance's and Checklists

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Author: CS Milind Kasodekar and CS Shilpa Dixit and CS Amogh Diwan
Year: 2020

This book attempts to provide a master key to professionals connected to the Companies Act and is responsible for compliance management in an organisation. It aims at making a professional’s life simple by providing a quick review of various provisions and rules, in the form of a checklist for day to day activities carried out by an organisation. Along with the procedural part, it also contains the relevant references of sections, rules, applicable e-forms/returns, circulars & notifications etc. duly updated till date and it becomes easy for the user to find all under one roof.

Key Features

* Comprehensive list of e-Forms and applicable Rules along with references of chapters and sections of the Companies Act, 2013.
* Change in the structure of the book to improve ease of reference and guideline on ‘How to NEW use this book:
* Comprehensive list of offences fines and penalties, compoundable and non-compoundable.
* Table of applicable fees to be paid under the Companies Act, 2013.
* Table of effective dates of amendments made by Companies Act, 2017 and Companies Act, 2019.
* Annual Compliance Calendar under the Companies Act, 2013.
* Transitional provisions due to COVID (Gist of notifications and references of the chapters NEW having their impact on).

Chapter-wise elaborate and detailed coverage of:
– Checkpoints to be considered for various procedural requirements.
– Action points to be taken.
– Procedures to be followed.
– Checklists of applicable e-forms.

References of the provisions of secretarial standards issued by the ICSI (SS1 & SS2) as amended.

References of registers to be maintained and types of resolutions under the Companies Act, 2013.
Sixth edition also includes new Chapters covering:
– Checklist on Private placement of Debentures.
– Checklist on Voluntary removal of the name of the Companies (Strike off).
– Checklist on Winding up of Company by Tribunal (NCLT).

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