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Handbook on GST Audit by Tax Authorities

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Author: Sanjay Malhotra
Year: July 2021

This book has been written with the twin goals of making the tax-payers aware about the compliances required for smooth conduct of GST audit of their business operations as well as to educate the tax auditors so as to enable them to conduct the audit in a fair, transparent and impartial way to ensure compliance of GST law as well as to prevent and plug in the leakage of revenue well in time. The book discusses the practical aspects which an auditor should concentrate on while doing GST audit and where the taxpayers need to be more careful and vigilant.

The audit process has been explained from inception i.e. selection of taxpayer and intimation of conducting GST audit right upto the conclusion of the same.
The knowledge of accounts is pre-requisite for the departmental officers who otherwise have diverse academic backgrounds. A separate chapter on accounting has been written not only to acquaint them with the elementary accounting process but also to provide further authentic resources to those interested in enhancing their accounting skills. The auditors must perform their duties with utmost sincerity, integrity and diligence; therefore, guidelines about overall conduct of the auditors

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