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Gold & Taxation

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Author: Meenakshi Subramaniam
Year: 2021

The one of a kind book on Gold & Taxes, is the first book in this domain, written in simple & lucid language along-with plenty of examples, case studies & tables.

Any person being a buyer, seller, investor would not like to face heavy tax burden, while fondly handling the shining, yellow gold. This book provides a complete guidance on how to save taxes on gold, and law stated in this book is amended up to 25th November 2020. Key features of this book are as follows:

  •   It encompasses all aspects of Income-tax
  •   Relevant GST principles such as composition scheme, Input tax credit, have also been incorporated
  • Examples, cases and tables for easy understanding
  • Tips at the end of various chapter
  • The contents of this book are as follows:

o   How much gold can you hold?

o   Search, seizure & income tax

o   Digital search

o   Gold monetization scheme

o   Sovereign gold bonds

o   Undisclosed & unexplained gold

o   Gold ETF

o   Gold coins

o   Capital gains tax

o   Valuation of gold

o   Traders & gold

o   Inheriting gold

o   Gold & silver utensils

o   Stridhan

o   Gold & GST

o   Gold & gold traders

o   Appendices

  • Historical Gold & Silver Rates
  • Cost Inflation Index for Gold Sold after 1-4-2017, notified by CBDT on 5-6-2017 for financial year 2001-02 and subsequent years
  • GST Tariff
  • GST forms for gold traders
  • GST for automatically generated after filing form
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