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A Handbook on International Aviation Law

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Year: 2023

Author:  Prof. Dr. Dilip Ukey and Adithya Anil Variath Prof. Dr. Sandeepa Bhat B.

International civil aviation is regulated by a combination of public and private international law. Aviation law in general has its sources in both international and municipal laws, but its primary foundation is multilateral conventions. A Handbook on International Aviation Law attempts to decode the principles and provisions of such international conventions with a view to highlighting the pros and cons of the existing laws. Every chapter is rich in pedagogical attributes and includes a discussion on questions beyond conventional learning. This book stands out as a unique effort to unveil international aviation law in a nutshell and in an easily understandable manner. It will help the reader to comprehensively understand the nuances of international aviation law, which is necessary for anyone to deal with the increasing concerns of civil aviation at both international and domestic levels.

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Aviation law
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