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A Legal Therapeutic Approach for Prevention and Control of Diseases Dangerous to Life ….A Medico- Legal Survey in Bharat

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Year: 2024

Author: H N Giri

The present book “A Legal Therapeutic Approach for Prevention and Control of Diseases Dangerous to life: A Medico-Legal Survey in Bharat” has been written after the spread of Covid-19 in the whole world includingIndia, keeping in view the necessity of awareness of the people of the country, medial students, medical practitioners, law students, law teachers, judicial service providers and social workers, etc. A large number of diseases, dangerous to life with their reasons of cause, general treatment and suggestions for prevention, have been provided. The disease like HIV, TB, Hepatitis, Chicken pox, Small pox, Monkey pox, Dengue, Corona;Epidemic, Pandemic and Endemic diseases with their symptoms, diagnosis and general treatment in consultation with learned and expert doctors have been discussed. Public right to health and hygiene and Bharat Swachhata Abhiyan have also been well discussed. Judicial responses for those who knowingly or negligently violate rules against the legislation in this relation have been very strict. Here the writer will be highly thankful to the readers if they could get some benefit from it. At the end of the book some very important suggestions have been incorporated which will prove very helpful for getting rid of these diseases dangerous of life.

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Medical Law & Legislation
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