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₹ And 179 More Where did my FOREX go? Foreign Exchange Management Act

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Author: Shilpa Bafna , Guru & Jana

Year: 2021

Bharat Re and 179 More Where did my FOREX By Shilpa Bafna

Can I buy shares in USA? How does my uncle in Italy buy an apartment in Mysore? How does my start up get funding from an investor from Japan? I am a student; how can I get money when I study abroad?

These are questions that pour in from students, entrepreneurs, employees, investors and the like. Questions like these can come from any corner of life, which makes you ponder, where did my FOREX go?

Being simple is not simple, yet these stories would drive a legal point with ease and lucidity. The book has animations, with daily stories, but a principle of the FEMA law is elucidated with clarity.

The range of topics are varied, but the basics are always where to start. The humour, the animations, the jest could drive the legal view through a coffee shop story.

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