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Article 370 – A Monograph - Constitution and its Working

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Author: Prof (Dr.) Mool Chand Sharma

Year: 2022

Article 370-A Monograph traces the journey of this Constitutional provision from its inception to its abrogation and the following happenings. In the book, the author has adopted a novel approach of first setting the context by analysing the historical, socio-cultural, political, legal and judicial aspects of Kashmir. With this background, the author has discussed the events that led to the inclusion of Article 370 in the Constitution of India, its position through the years and finally its abrogation. The author views these developments through a multitude of lenses providing a holistic picture of what its impact has been on the region and the people of Kashmir, and the region’s relationship with the other countries in the world. The book, divided into 7 chapters, begins the discussion with the political and historical background of Article 370, and proceeds on to its abrogation and validity thereof, the implementation of Public Safety Act in the valley & consequent detentions, ramifications on the diplomatic ties of India with other countries, and the global response to the abrogation. The author has concluded the discussion on a hopeful note discussing the role that Kartarpur Corridor could play in developing better relations between the two neighbouring countries. The book incorporates the perspectives of all the stakeholders, including the people of Kashmir.

With the intent to mark this book as a tribute to the late Prof (Dr) Mool Chand Sharma tribute messages from legal luminaries who have worked closely with him have also been included.


Constitutional Law
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