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Business Law

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Year: 2023

Author: Avtar Singh's

Dr. Avtar Singh’s Business Law discusses six different areas of law which are interrelated but separate domains and each one of them is capable of being discussed in a separate legal commentary. This book, however, is written and revised with the purpose of giving a basic insight to the reader into each one of those domains.

The book begins with the most basic instrument of commerce viz. a contract. The discussion under the part is not restricted to the language of the Contract Act but extends to principles that preceded and succeeded the Act and in turn define the basic tenets of the law as it stands today. The second and third parts of the book discuss certain specific applications of the law of contracts. These practices were codified in India in the Sale of Goods Act and it is the discussion around this Act and general principles of the law of sale of goods that the second part of the book deals with. The book's third part discusses the applicability of contractual principles in creating a business entity, evolving from the model of traditional sole proprietorship/ agency in sole proprietorship business, etc. The law governing partnerships and limited liability partnerships is dealt with along with the law on partnerships, and the law governing the companies is dealt with in a separate part of the book. IPR, Company, and Competition Law are also covered at length.

The current book updates the previous edition in the light of the statutory amendments and judicial developments in all the above-mentioned areas. The amendments brought in (a) the IP legislations in light of the Commercial Courts Act, 2015 (b) the Limited Liability Partnership Act in 2021, (c) the Companies Act in light of amending statutes of 2018, 2019, and 2020 form a part of the book. Further, the major Supreme Court and High Court decisions passed since the publication of the previous edition, pertinent to all the above-mentioned areas, have been incorporated in relevant parts of the book.

This book follows a simple and lucid style for easy understanding of the subject and has long been on the list of recommended books for the use of students of Law, Commerce, MBA, Cost Accountancy, Cost and Works Accountancy, Company Secretaryship, etc.


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