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Citizenship Rights & Constitutional Limitations

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Author: Dr. K.S. Chauhan
Year: 2021

CITIZENSHIP has been a divisive subject in Indian politics since even before the Union came to be. It was the subject of numerous debates in the Constituent Assembly. It has continued to dominate the political discourse in India. When Parliament passed The Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019, widespread protests broke out across the country. TV news debates, online portals, newspapers, and social media were flooded with op-ed and explainers about CAA. For the first time in their lives, a whole generation of Indians was learning about citizenship, and the law surrounding it. While citizenship was being discussed, much of the discourse was superficial. Most of the conversation around citizenship circled the past decade or so, and very few felt it important to go back and appraise the history and evolution of the law of citizenship in India.

Constitutional Law
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