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Commercial Contracts

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Author: R Kumar
Edition: 2020

-After Sales and Service Agreement
-Agreement for Sale of House
-Agreement for Sale of Technical Know-How
-Agreement for Use of Trade Mark Sub-Lease Agreement
-Agreement of License to Publish on Royalty Basis
-Agreement to Supply Technical Know-how
-Amalgamation Agreement
-Annual Computer Maintenance Agreement
-Appointment as Sales Organiser
-Appointment of Broker for Lease of Property
-Asset Purchase Agreement
-Assignment of Intellectual Property Rights
-Bank Guarantee
-Banking Agreement
-Basics of Contract
-Broker and a prospective purchaser of property (Agreement)
-Building construction agreement between owner and builder
-Business Agreement with Agency/Distributors
-Business Processing Outsourcing Services Agreement
-Civil Works Agreement
-Collaboration Agreement
-Commercial Agreements
-Composition Deed with Creditors Agreement
-Confidentiality and Intellectual Property
-Consultancy Services Agreement
-Consulting Services
-Contracts — Basic Elements
-Data Conversion Associate Policy
-Deed of Retirement
-Development Agreement between the owner and Developer
-Digital Marketing Services
-Dissolution — Partner Takes Over Assets and Liabilities Agreement
-Engineering, Procurement & Construction Agreement
-Escrow Agreement
-Financial Agreement
-Foreign Collaboration
-Foreign Supply Agreement
-Freelancer Work
-High Sea Sales Agreement
-Hire of Machinery Agreement
-Hire Purchase Agreement
-Hire Purchase Car Agreement
-Hotel Operations Agreement
-Industry Academic Consulting Services
-Initial Investment with Developer under Guaranteed Buy Back Scheme
-Installation and Commissioning Agreement
-Intellectual Property Assignment Agreement
-Intellectual Property Ownership Agreement
-Intellectual Property Rights
-Joint Venture Agreement
-Labour Agreement
-Lease Agreement for Residential Use
-Lease agreement with Bank for Office Premises
-Lease Agreements
-Leveraged Finance/Structured Finance Agreement
-Limited Liability Partnership Agreement
-Loan Agreement with Bank
-Loan Agreement
-Loans-cum-Hypothecation Agreement
-Local Purchase Order
-Local Supply Agreement
-Maintenance Agreement
-Memorandum of Understanding — Commercial Projects
-Memorandum of Understanding — IT Service
-Minor (Admitting) to the Benefits of Partnership Agreement
-Non-Disclosure Agreement
-Partnership Agreements
-Patent License Agreement
-Patent Purchase Agreement
-Personal Guarantee Agreement
-Power Purchase Agreement
-Private Equity Confidentiality Agreement
-Private Equity Investment Agreement
-Project Agreement for the Construction of a Bridge
-Promissory Note Agreement
-Provident Fund Trust Agreement
-Purchase Agreements
-Purchase of Company Shares Agreement
-Real Estate Construction & Service Contracts
-Restructuring — Merger, Acquisition and Amalgamation
-Royalty-Free License Agreement
-Sale Associate Agreement
-Sale of Business Undertaking as Going Concern Agreement
-Scheme of Arrangement Agreement
-Search Engine Optimization and Reporting Agreement
-Security Deposit Agreement
-Sell the Financial Product-Business Associates
-Service Agreement
-Slump Sale Agreement
-Software Licensing Agreement
-Spin Off Agreement
-Sub-lease Agreement
-Surrender of Lease Agreement
-Technical Collaboration Agreement
-Training Agreement
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