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Constitutionalism and the Rule of Law: In a Theatre of Democracy

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Author: Justice A K Sikri

Year: 2023

Authored by Justice A.K. Sikri, one of our most distinguished Judges, "Constitutionalism and the Rule of Law in a Theatre of Democracy" reflects on his profound experience as a Judge as much as it does on his transformative vision of the Constitution. It is a comprehensive commentary on the jurisprudence underlying the development of the law. The book covers the expansion of the scope of judicial review and the heightened standards of scrutiny devised by courts. The book provides ring-side insights into the jurisprudence of dignity which has led to the expansion of Fundamental Rights. The author gives us an opportunity to analyze the process of social transformation through the interpretation of the law. The book covers various other allied concepts in the law, such as the globalization of judging and the inextricable link between the law, literature, and gender justice.


Tags: #constitutionalism #ruleoflaw #democracy #sikri #justice

Constitutional Law
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