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Company Law Ready Referencer

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Author: Corporate Professional

Year: 2023

Company Law Ready Referencer – June, 2023 Edition Covers Amendments upto 01-06-2023

Key Features:

* More than 120 handy Ready Referencer, to facilitate quick reference of the relevant provisions of Company Law.

* Section-wise Circulars for clarity and quick reference.

* List of Forms and Formats; Member’s Approvals; Board’s Approvals; Privileges and Exemptions; Gist of various Disclosures; Statutory Registers under the Companies Act 2013.

* List of Compliances including Annual, Post-Incorporation, Parameter based for private, Unlisted Public & Listed Companies.

* Board and General meetings related to Drafts and Formats.

* Formats of Newspaper Advertisements, Affidavits, Indemnity bonds, Declarations, and Deeds.


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Company Law
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