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Courtroom Wit and Wisdom: True & Anecdotal

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Author: N Vijayaraghavan

Year: 2022

Courtroom Wit and Wisdom makes for an alluring reading. The courtroom is a serious stage. As Justice S Vaidyanathan, in his Foreword, points out, it is a cauldron of multiple emotions. The author has taken the true and factual route, rather than the fictional one. In the heat of exchanges and proceedings, there is spontaneity in the wit and wisdom. The characters come alive, as the author digs into his memory chip. The Scenes in the Act unfold to attract, suggesting that there could even be seeds for a viral serial on the idiot box. Who knows? It could be read from start to finish, middle to middle or rear to front. Any which way, for a convenient and compulsive one. Author affirms that he has named the protagonists where he could and kept some under wraps, where needed. This work is one of a rare genre, from a hands-on practitioner, who has authored an engaging Courtroom Narrative, with wit and wisdom, on the real and true stage.

Tags: #courtroomhumor #humor #courtroom #courtroomwits #courtroomwisdom

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