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Courts Of India: Past to Present

Rs. 2,045.00

Author: Supreme Court Of India, Government Of India, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
Year: 2017

Coffee Table Book

This is a comprehensive history of courts and judicial system in India, starting with the ‘Indigenous Judicial Structures’ which outlines the country’s ancient legal systems and practices, all the way to the current system.

The 'Courts of India' traces the historical evolution of the courts, identifies the diverse court system, compiles their customs and practices and also contextualizes it. The Supreme Court has made a massive effort to collate and assemble information contained in books, magazines, newspapers and databases scattered in various libraries and courts, across the country to introduce Indian Judiciary to the citizens in a lucid manner.

Beyond offering a narrative of historical instances, it describes theories and principles and gives an insight into the law and values that constituted the foundation of the legal systems from ancient India to the present

Tags: #courtsofindia #bombayhighcourt #supremecourt #sci #judiciary #judicial

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