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Criminal Law Criminal Justice Advance Legal Writings

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Author: B. B. Pande

Year: 2022

Criminal law/Criminal justice is a fascinating branch of knowledge, both as a law course and as a means for understanding the nature of a given society.

Criminal Law and Criminal Justice: Advanced Legal Writings by Prof. B.B. Pande is an outcome of a unique initiative that was mainly aimed at broadening the horizons of criminal justice knowledge. The first nine writings relate to substantive criminal law and the later three to procedural law themes. Each of the Writing is devoted to exploring the select core theme in terms of certain vital inquiries/issues.

The unique features of these Writings are:

1.    Aim at enabling the reader to a better understanding of the dynamics of the criminal law/criminal justice rule of law in a wide-angle, cutting across countries and time periods.

2.    Reflect the criminal law and criminal justice legality at the normative and the grassroots level.

3.    Aim of these Writings is to impart critical knowledge on issues that remain marginalised in law curriculums.

4.    Have a broader and critical view of the criminal law and criminal justice realities not limited by the requirements of a course.

The Writings will prove path-breaking in respect to the objective of updating the knowledge base in the criminal law and criminal justice subject for the learners, teachers and researchers.

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