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Elements of Forensic Science for Investigation

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Author : Dr. T.S.N Murthy
Year : 2020

It is an established fact that criminals while committing crimes, either due to carelessness or due to anxiety, come into contact with other objects at crime scenes leaving traces and these become the bases for scientifically exploiting their culpability. The report of this physical evidence when located, collected, preserved and forwarded for scientific evaluation has enormous potential in linking the criminal to the crime scene, victim or other circumstances leading to the crime. The forensic examination of the physical evidence provides useful clues for investigating officers in solving crimes and for courts of law in adjudicating these cases.

Elements of Forensic Science for Investigation describes in a concise manner the role of the investigating officer in handling physical evidence encountered at crime scenes, the nature of the examination conducted in forensic laboratories and the types of analytical information the latter can provide.

Criminal Law
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