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Family Law Lectures - Family Law I

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Author: Poonam Pradhan Saxena
Year: 2021

Family Law-I, deals with laws governing Marriage and matrimonial remedies of nullity, Restitution of conjugal rights, Judicial separation and Divorce, and Ancillary remedies of maintenance, Legitimacy, Adoption, Custody and Guardianship of children and distribution of spousal property. Matrimonial laws vary with the religion, region and tribe of the parties in India and co-exist with secular laws covering virtually every aspect of domestic relations.

Key Features:

  • The book examines and covers all the major aspects of matrimonial laws applicable to Hindus and Muslims drawing comparisons from the analogous laws applicable to other communities in India.
  • It discusses the legislative and judicial changes that have brought certain complexities in terms of both recognition of alternate forms of intimate unions, though for limited purposes and extensive dilution of divorce provisions.
  • The book also examines the secular legislations governing domestic relations in the area of Adoption, Custody and Guardianship of children and Maintenance.
  • Covers all the major landmark cases of Supreme Court of India.
Family Law
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