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Famous Judges, Lawyers and Cases of Bombay by P.B. Vachha

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Must-read for Judges, Judicial officers, Lawyers, Law professionals, Law Students, and anyone interested in law :

This Judicial History of Bombay during the British period covers a span of 300 years from 1661 when Bombay became the first possession of the British on Indian soil. The narrative gives a vivid description of the laborious and precarious processes by which law and law courts in Bombay gradually groped their way out of primitive darkness into rational and enlightened justice. It is not a bare chronicle of legal affairs, intelligible only to lawyers, but a stimulating story, graphically told, rendered more vivid and picturesque by being projected against a background of general history.

The writer's historical imagination enables him to present the events and personalities of the past in the appropriate atmosphere and environments of bygone ages; and from the Preface to the concluding chapter, there is scarcely a dull page or a dreary passage.

The reader is carried through a pageantry of action and events, and a procession of picturesque and arresting personalities. Colorful and challenging judges and advocates stalk across the stage, and the writer's estimates of their characters and careers are just and balanced, although provokingly presented. Perhaps the chapters most interesting to the lay reader are those dealing with "Conflicts between the Executive and the Judiciary" and "Historical Cases".

The former contains descriptions of conflicts in the majority of which the judges successfully asserted the independence and dignity of the Judiciary against the Executive. The latter comprises a series of cases, the majority of which would easily find a place in any volume of "Notable Trials"; and some of them have the stirring and stimulating features of romantic fiction.

The book is enlivened by a number of anecdotes and literary and historical allusions and quotations which add to its interest for the general reader.

The book features profiles of some of the most famous judges and lawyers of Bombay, including:

  • Sir Charles Forbes, the first Chief Justice of Bombay
  • Sir Jamshedji Jeejeebhoy, a prominent philanthropist and lawyer
  • Sir Phirozshah Mehta, one of the founders of the Indian National Congress
  • M.R. Jayakar, a renowned jurist and statesman

The book also includes detailed accounts of some of the most important cases heard in Bombay courts, such as:

  • The Tilak sedition trial
  • The Cama-Lala sedition trial
  • The Bombay Textile Strike case
  • The Keshavananda Bharati case

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