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FEMA Compounding Orders - A Comprehensive Analysis - Volume 1

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Author: C.A. Harshal Bhuta, C.A. Hardik Mehta and C.A. Tanvi Vora
Year 2019

The law governing exchange control aspects of cross border transactions viz. Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 along with its Rules and Regulations, is a special and unique statute in itself, which is regulated and administered by Reserve Bank of India ('RBI'). RBI implemented a policy decision in May 2016, to make public disclosure of all compounding orders passed by it. This has offered an ideal opportunity to gain insights into RBI's outlook and interpretation of FEMA, and also the administrative practices adopted by RBI from time to time. The book provides a comprehensive analysis of all the compounding orders published by RBI during the period July 2016 to December 2018, to facilitate FEMA practitioners, companies and other persons undertaking cross-border transactions in understanding the RBI's perspective which is the driving force behind its interpretation and administration of FEMA. Key features of the book: · Solitary publication on analysis of RBI compounding orders (covering orders issued upto 31st December 2018) · Coverage of 1268 FEMA compounding orders · Arrangement of compounding orders Notification-wise and Regulation-wise · Handy comparison of erstwhile and revised FEMA Notifications for provisions contravened under the compounding orders · Vital insights into principles applied by RBI while interpreting provisions of FEMA and important notifications · Detailed reporting of nearly 100 compounding orders along with analysis and summary compilation of all remaining orders

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