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Forensic Science in Crime Investigation

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Author: B S Nabar

Year: 2002 (Ripint-2023)

Revised and updated, the third edition of the book is the outcome of the tremendous response received to the earlier edition from the esteemed readers. The book has been improved in content, cover design, title and overall get-up to make it more presentable and reach out to many readers. Two new chapters have been added, one on relevant laws and Court rulings on expert evidence, and the other on Computer Crime. The author added feature of the book is the inclusion of objective-type questions at the end of each chapter, which, it is hoped, will arouse interest and understanding of the topics covered in the book. With years of experience in teaching the subject in a premier Training Institution for Police Officers at senior levels, the author has dealt with the subject in a simple and precise manner. It is hoped that the book will serve as a textbook to students of Forensic Science and as a handbook to the practicing professionals in the criminal justice system.

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Criminal Law
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