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From a Car Shed to the Corner Room and beyond

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Year: 2023

Author: S Raman
(Former Chairman and Managing Director Canara Bank, Former Whole Time Member SEBI)

Raman started with humble beginnings, living in a car shed for about 6 years of his childhood, before gradually rising to head Canara Bank, one of India's Largest banks, where his father had served as a stenographer for more than three decades earlier.

Raman joined the State Bank of India as a clerk at 19, while still a Matriculate. Then he completed his graduation and joined the Bank of India as a Direct Recruit Officer at 21, which role took him to several places all over India, besides the UK and the USA, His tenure in New York coincided with the build-up to the Great Financial Crises of 2007-2008, and he thus had a ring-side view of the crises. He returned to India to become, Executive Director, of Union Bank of India, before being appointed Chairman and Managing Director, of Canara Bank, in September 2019, where he has a tenure of about two years, full of substantial accomplishments.

Raman was thereafter appointed Whole Time Member, of SEBI for about five years (2012-17). where he made a mark by successfully confronting long-standing issues like fraudulent fund-raising schemes. He is also known for his several path-breaking orders as a quasi-judicial authority, a few of which the often quoted as landmark rulings.

During his entire career, Raman's philosophy was to go for hard choices that would lead to lasting benefits rather than going for easy but suboptimal options.

Post retirement, Raman had to face some cataclysmic events. The way he faced there difficulties is an important part of the book, which essentially is the story of his professional and personal life, intertwined in a smooth and seamless way.


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