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Global Climate Change and Environmental Laws in India

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Author: Dr. Chiradeep Basak
Year: 2021

Climate Change is one of the most widely discussed topics of present times. It has both intra- and inter-generational implications. This popular topic of our times has gained immense momentum in the last two decades and yet, we strive to acknowledge and address the associated vulnerabilities and risks. It is not a hidden fact that India is one of the most climate-vulnerable countries in the world with socio-economic aspirations and challenges. To address these challenges and attain the goals, several climate-resilient actions have been adopted through international and domestic law and policy measures. Global Climate Change and Environmental Laws in India is an endeavor to explore those measures and present them to its environmentally thoughtful readers. The dynamic discourse of Climate Law and Policy cannot be covered in a single piece of literature. However, an effort has been made to present its crucial elements in a simpler form, which will be relevant for scholars of multidisciplinary studies.

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