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Greed - Powering Some of the Most Creative Frauds in Human History

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Author: Subhash Jangala and Amrit Agrahari

Year: 2022

Greed - Powering Some of the Most Creative Frauds in Human History unravels some of the most innovative financial frauds that have been conceived and executed in human history through the lens of the key driver behind it. The authors delve into the minds of the fraudsters while presenting an objective assessment of how each of these frauds was designed and accomplished. Written in lucid and engaging language, the flow of the narrative will take the readers through each step in the fraudulent enterprise. Investigators, who deal with the unearthing of frauds, will gain a better understanding of the motives behind these deceptive ploys, primarily greed. It will assist the stakeholders in pre-empting and protecting themselves from becoming the next victim. The human agency behind the curtains runs the show, and the organisational façade/scheme is only an apparatus at its disposal. It is, therefore, crucial to not just focus on the numbers, the documents, and the contraption, but on the showman behind it. This book aims to offer unique insights into the working of a common human emotion ‘greed’ that has driven and continues to drive some of the most creative financial frauds that humankind has witnessed. The book will be useful to legal and tax professionals, including litigators; investigators; consultants and leaders; enforcement agencies; judges; government officials; policy-makers; academicians; and students. 

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