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Year: 2023

Author: Dr. K R Chandatre

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containing Appointment, Vacation of Office and Removal, Remuneration, Loans, Office or Place of Profit, Contracts & Arrangements, Meetings & Proceedings and Related Party Transactions

Chapter 1 Becoming a Director
Chapter 2 Cessation of Office of a Director
Chapter 3 Directors’ Powers and Rights
Chapter 4 Meetings and Proceedings of Board and Committees
Chapter 5 Managerial Personnel and Key Managerial Personnel
Chapter 6 The Law and Procedure Relating to Remuneration of Directors and Loans, Guarantees and Securities to Directors
Chapter 7 Duties and Responsibilities of Directors
Chapter 8 Directors' Duty regarding Disclosure of Interests in Contracts and Arrangements
Chapter 9 Liabilities of Directors
Chapter 10 Compounding of Offences, Adjudication of Penalties and Compromise or Settlement by Lok Adalat
Appendix I Exemptions Granted by Central Government under section 462 of the Companies Act 2013

Tags: #director #companydirector #appointment #vacationofoffice #removal #remuneration #loans, #officeofprofit, #contracts #arrangements #meetings #proceedings #relatedpartytransactions

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