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How to File Appeals & Revision Petitions in GST

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Year: 2020
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This book, which is unique and for the first time on this subject, covers all the Appellate Forum from the first appellate authority to the Supreme Court, i.e.,

  • Appeal to First Appeal Authority
  • Appeals to Appellate Tribunal
  • Appeal to High Court
  • Appeal to the Supreme Court;

while explaining provisions as well as procedures.

You will find in this book, in a bid to make the subject easily comprehensible, the following structure of each Chapter:

  • First, statutory provisions by way of text of the relevant sections and rules are quoted;
  • Then, the procedure is explained with the analysis of the provisions;
  • Finally, number of FAQs are given for easy understanding and conclusion.

The preparation of appeal and its filing on the GST Network are also given in the book so as to practically execute the filing of appeal in deserving cases.

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