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I GAAP (Indian Accounting Standards) A Practical Approach

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Author: Anand J Banka 

Year: August 2022

Issuance/ Revision of Accounting Standards in large numbers in recent times, both in India and globally, display how the accounting world is adapting to the changing needs of the business world. Changes to the accounting standards also bring with it, issues in its interpretations. To assist in implementation of these Standards, the ICAI issues Guidance Notes and Technical guides that provide guidance to its members on accounting issues not specifically covered by the existing accounting standards. A large number of these publications have been issued in last decade.

The Book is a compilation all the relevant documents available on accounting along with a detailed explanation of the accounting standards. Further, the book contains a comparison of the Accounting Standards (AS) with the Indian Accounting Standards (Ind AS).The Book will be useful to the readers in understanding the accounting requirements and so also will help them in resolving their accounting queries.

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