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Indian Competition Law

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Author: Adv. Gautam Shahi  and Dr. Sudhanshu Kumar
Year: 2021

Taxmann's Indian Competition Law is a section-wise commentary on Competition Law. What sets this book apart is the unique combination of the study of both substantive and procedural elements of Competition Law in India.

The objective of this book is three-fold:

  • Focusing on Indian Competition Law, elucidating the Indian jurisprudence and then comparing it with positions taken by European Union (EU) and the United States
  • This book does not get restricted to the major provisions/broader issues of competition law but also highlights economic, technical and administrative concepts/issues that are relevant in the practical application and interpretation of competition law
  • This book does not become a technical treatise but a document that a wider audience can read and understand, including lawyers, judges, academicians, lawmakers, market regulators, & entrepreneurs.
Competition Law
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