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Interpretation of Words and Phrases of Taxing Statutes

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Year: 2024

Author: Ram Dutt Sharma

Discover key concepts like statutory interpretation, precedents, and procedural laws. Get valuable insights on tools for interpretation, including internal and external aids, while understanding the significance of special laws and general laws. Learn about the nuances of statutory provisions, definitions, and clauses, and gain clarity on concepts like ejusdem generis and estoppel. Dive into the complexities of tax law with expert guidance on cross-examination, full disclosures, and charging provisions. Gain a comprehensive understanding of judicial discipline, precedents, and constitutional provisions that shape tax law interpretation. Whether you’re a legal professional, student, or enthusiast, Insights Book offers valuable insights into the intricate world of tax law interpretation.” Now available with a 27% discount plus free shipping for a limited time.

Tags: #taxing #statutes #9789356037007#wordsandphrases #interpretation

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