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Jayanta Bagchi's World Trade Organisation – An Indian Perspective

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Year: 2023

Author: H R Khan

Since the birth of WTO India has been playing an important role in the WTO related matters and India has always committed a strengthened, rule based and non-discriminatory multilateral trading system which is fair and equitable. India has been tackling many issues affecting herself and other countries in respect of matters associated with Trade in Goods, Textiles, Agriculture, Intellectual Property Rights, Trade in Services, Labour Standard, Environment, etc. The revising author kept no stone unturned to climb the peak of excellence of the work. The issues like: Dumping & Antidumping, GATT, TRIMs, Indian strategy & WTO, TRIPs Agreement, and so on have got appropriate treatment. Written and fully updated in simple language and supported by adequate illustrations and charts this work, will help, having a complete guidance on the WTO and is meant to assist researchers study the intricate issues involved in the subject.

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