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Landmark Judgments On Cyber Crimes & Cyber Laws

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Year: 2023

Author: Dr. Chintan Pathak and Associates

*Sexual Exploitation case *Tampering with Computer Source Code *Electronic Evidence *Contracts via Email *Seizure of Hard disk *Electronic media Transcript as Evidence *Responsibility of Website Owner *Fake Website *Misuse of Domain Name *Intermediary's Liability *Defamatory Content in Blogging Site *Cyber Defamation *e-auction *ATM Skimming Machin Scam *CCTC Footage as evidence *Sexually explicit content *Outrage Modesty of Women *Online Sex Rackets *Whatsapp Chat as Evidence *Fraudulent SimCard * Disclosing Password *Facebook Post-Right to be funny *right to be forgotten and more.....

Tags: #9788119129072 #cybercrimes #cyberlaws #cyber #law #crime #judgements

Annotations & Citations
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