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Law of Wills decoded

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Author:  Anupam Srivastava and Monika Srivastava
Year: 2021

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Law relating to Wills has evoked curiosity amongst Judges, lawyers and law students alike. This book offers exhaustive commentary on principles governing this law and illustrates them with contemporary case laws. The book does not contain many judicial authorities of colonial period which have lost relevance in current times, but it does examine the relevant pronouncements.

The book discusses concepts which are fundamental to exercise of testamentary jurisdiction, in detail which often engages courts. Four chapters elaborate on law relating to execution and proof of Will. Three chapters are devoted to discussing law relating to grant of probate and letters of administration. Concept of revocation of Will and revocation of probate and letters of administration has been discussed in one chapter each.

Other aspects of law, which do not much invite much attention of courts like construction of Will, jurisdiction of court, powers and duties of executors and administrators, void bequest, vesting of legacy, contingent bequest, conditional bequest etc. have also received their due share in the book.

Succession & Wills
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