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Law Relating to Electronic Contracts

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Year: 2016

Author: R K Singh

Law relating to Electronic Contracts, 2e is especially designed for students pursuing the three year or five-year LLB course in legal education institutes. It also caters to the students pursuing the one-year or two-year LLM course from various universities or institutes. With its comprehensive and exhaustive coverage of this emerging area of law, it will also serve as a useful reference for teachers and practising lawyers. Beginning with a brief overview of the impact of information technology on business and commerce, the general principles of contract law, and formation of electronic contracts, the book goes on to discuss their recognition and validity, related jurisdictional issues, consumer protection and standard form contracting in the electronic age, and public procurement including e-procurement. Thus, by addressing the entire gamut of legal issues that arise in the context of e-contracts, this book humbly attempts to advance the development of jurisprudence of contract law in India. Key Features • Discusses elaborately the concepts and legal issues that have evolved as a result of the emergence of electronic contracts • Explains important case laws in the field of e-contracts, focussing on the fundamental concepts involved therein • Primarily written from the Indian perspective, at relevant places, comparison has been made with the UK and the US laws New to the edition • New chapter on ‘Public Procurement including e-Procurement’ that provides a framework of the conventional procurement system, and discusses the e-procurement system and its advantages • New section on ‘e-auction or online auction’ not only outlines the difference between traditional auction and online auction, but also examines the nature and liability of online auction houses. It also addresses specific issues relating to online auctions, such as, whether the seller’s website announcement is an offer or just an invitation to make an offer, whether or not auction houses are agents of the seller, and so on • Brief note on the Consumer Protection Bill, 2015

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