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Law Relating to Leave, Holidays and Absenteeism in Industries

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Author : H L Kumar

YEAR : 2016

This book became popular with its very first edition because of its clarity of the provision of law, procedure for availing and grant of leave, action for availing leave on false ground or absenting from duty, abandonment by an employee, decided cases and lucidity of its language. This book serves as an unfailing guide to managers, union leaders, lawyers and others. In fact, it has twin objective of educating the managers and employees about their rights and responsibilities with regard to leave and holidays so as to have the harmonious relationship. This edition is an improvement of earlier editions because in addition to latest case laws, `absenteeism` which is very common in industries has been dealt exhaustively with emphasis on the methods to control absenteeism. With the opening floodgates for multinationals, many new companies are trying to get roots in our country. Laws relating to leave, holidays and absenteeism are of great significance because any aberration on this score will surely cause a great harm to them. That is why it has been presented in such a manner as it could be useful for every person, who may not have even the rudimentary knowledge of law. To make it more practical various pro-formas have been added in the book so that the readers can use them in the given circumstances without wasting their valuable time in running for consultation.

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