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Mumbai Metaphors

Rs. 1,000.00

Author: Tushar Manohar Shetty

Mumbai….just not a city but a microcosm of cultures and heritage. It is born with an intent to accommodate! While Mumbai shows its selfless nature to nurture, it speaks
volumes of the rich and diverse heritage both built and unbuilt.

Being geographically blessed by the sea on its either sides and claiming a history as old from the 3rd Century BC, it has ever been prospering men and buildings thus claiming a rare distinction as a reputed megapolis on the global map.

The pulse of the city has been rare and unique. The buildings and precincts stand to the testimony of bygone times,through their delightful architecture and built forms. These have been sure Meta-phors of identity to the city by both the form and function.

With love, I present ‘Mumbai Metaphors’, a collective, as my humble at-tempts in illustrating the beauty of the city in watercolours for your plea-sure to view.

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