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Padukas - Professional Guide to CARO 2020

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Author: G Sekar

Edition: June 2020

Comprehensive Book on CARO 2020.
Complete guidance to Auditors for reporting under latest CARO 2020.
Clause by Clause Analysis and inclusion of Highly useful Checklist for Auditors for clause wise verification.
The Highlights of this Book include:
Complete coverage of CARO with Provisions of Companies Act, 2013.
Lucid Explanations to applicable Standards on Auditing (SA’s).
Coverage of Provisions of Accounting Standards (AS).
Coverage of Latest ICAI’s Guidance Notes on Various Audit Aspects.
Exclusive “Audit Checklist” under each Reporting Clause.
Reporting Format under respective Clause of CARO.
Exhaustive coverage of Relevant Standards on Auditing as Appendix.
Covering ICAI’s Guidance Note on Reporting u/s 143 (f) & (h).
Comparative Analysis of Reporting under CARO 2016 with CARO 2020.
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