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Practical Guide to Labelling and Advertising under Legal Metrology law in India

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Author: Ashutosh Mishra
Year: 28-11-2020

The book is a practical guide providing a pragmatic analysis of labelling and advertising aspects of the Legal Metrology Act, 2009 and the related laws. It covers the concepts as provided by the law coupled with the jurisprudence developed through the judgments of the Supreme Court as well as the High Courts under the present and erstwhile law relating to weights and measures. The book strives to act as a guide on the practical difficulties in application of the law and proactive measures which may be taken to ensure due compliances in terms of the Legal Metrology Law in India.
The book will be of immense use for in-house counsels looking after regulatory compliances in a company, directors and the personnel looking after the sales and logistics of a business, e-commerce companies dealing in sale of packaged commodities, advocates and law students.
Key features
? Analysis of structure and application of Legal Metrology Law on packages, advertisements and other modes of communication.
? Elaborate discussion on concepts of pre-packaged commodities, Industrial/institutional consumers, retail and wholesale packages, kits, multipurpose packages, transportation boxes etc.
? Covers disclosures to be made on different type of packages, time of declaration on imported and indigenous packages, format for printing of labels and practical difficulties faced at factory as well as dealership level.
? Understanding liability of company personnel, directors, e-commerce companies etc. on violation of the provisions of the Act.
? Guidance on general areas of focus of legal metrology authorities while making investigation/enquiry on business and litigation management thereafter.
? Conceptual guide aimed at a wide array of readers such as advocates, chartered accountants, in-house legal officers and law students.
? Ready reference table on common mistakes and best business practices along with sample labels.
? Contains upto-date relevant Acts and Rules related to labelling and advertising under Legal Metrology.
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