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Reverse Charge Mechanism under GST

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Author: Satbir Singh
Year: 2021

Part I

Chapter 1       RCM under GST: Past to Present

Chapter 2       Registration under RCM

Chapter 3       Time of Supply of Goods or Services under RCM

Chapter 4       Place of Supply of Goods or Services under RCM

Chapter 5       Tax Invoice for RCM

Chapter 6       Input Tax Credit under RCM

Chapter 7       Reporting of RCM Supply in GST Returns

Chapter 8       Default in Compliance of GST Provisions for RCM

Chapter 9       Notified Goods under RCM

Chapter 10     Notified Services under RCM

Chapter 11     Questions and Answers

Chapter 12     Multiple Choice Questions

Part II

Chapter 13     Relevant definition for RCM under GST

Chapter 14     Notifications and Circulars

Chapter 15     Judgments and Advance Ruling for  RCM under GST

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