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Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace - Law, Precedents, Inquiry, Procedures and Forms (POSH)

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Author: Dayanand N Mangaonkar and Radha V Pawaskar

Year: 2022


* The POSH act and Rules

* Draft Policy

* Constitution of Internal Committee

* Time Frame for Conducting Inquiry

* What is Principle of Natural Justice and Quasi-Judicial Functions

* Cardinal Principles of holding an Inquiry

* How to conduct Sexual Harassment inquiry and Precautions to be taken in inquiry

* Procedure for holding an Inquiry

* Evidence Recording

* Pro-forma for findings of the inquiry officer and sample inquiry report

* Model Drafts and Forms for Notices, Summons, Warning Letters, Appointment of External Member, Constitution of IC etc.

* Citations of case laws

* Exercises for thought pondering/brain teasing

the book will prove to be a handy guide for HR Professionals & POSH Committee Members, Members of Internal Committee Constituted under POSH act 2013


#posh #IC #internal #committee #hr #sexual #harassment #women #workplace

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