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Textbook on Equity, Trusts, Specific Relief, Easements and Property Law

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Year: 2023

Author : Dr Souvik Chatterji

This book comprehensively deals with the provisions of Equity, Trusts, Specific Relief and the Law of Real Property in India. There is a meticulous discussion of the provisions of the Indian Easements Act, the Registration Act, and the Transfer of Property Act. Furthermore, there are discussions with respect to customs, usages and religious texts which are the sources in addition to the legislations relating to the area of transfer of property including sale, lease, mortgage, gifts and International dimensions as well. Since major transactions relating to real property in India occur in the form of Sale, Lease, Mortgage, Gift and other transfers, this work also examines the law and different complications that come up during execution of such transfers.

Key Features:

• Comprehensive coverage of the concepts of equity and trusts, with illustrations and case law

• Exclusive discussion on Specific Relief and Indian Trusts Act and the application of private trusts, with case judgments establishing the court procedure relating to these topics

• Includes check list relating to the legislative provisions and disputes on transfer of immovable property, including sale, lease, mortgage, gift and case law on Indian Easements Act, where the execution of the transfer is in process and annulment of the transfer by the courts are at issue

• Detailed treatment of law of injunctions and civil process during infringement of sale, lease, gift, mortgage, easements, wills and trusts

• An essential reference, elaborating upon the provisions in the areas of Equity, Trust, Specific Relief, Property Law and their interpretation in courts of law, including Supreme Court of India and foreign jurisprudence

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