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Textbook on The Code of Criminal Procedure

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Author : K D Gaur
Year : July 2020

The law of Criminal procedure occupies a pivotal role in the effective functioning of the judicial system as the existence of substantive rights can only be established by relevant and admissible evidence. It lays down the quintessential aspects of judicial investigation for effective administration of justice. With rapid advances in diverse fields of life, human relations have undergone an unforeseen transformation, presenting new conflicts and controversies. The law of criminal procedure must therefore regularly groom itself for facing the emerging developments which pose unprecedented problems in the collection of evidence and proof of facts. Over the years, the Courts through judicial precedents and diverse case law have enriched the lexicon of the law of evidence. K D Gaur the Textbook on Code of Criminal Procedure is one of the country’s most relied on and respected titles and is invaluable for practicing lawyers, law students, police trainees and officers, law universities, judicial academies, legal departments, Judges and Institutional libraries.
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