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The Commercial Courts Act , 2015

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Author: Sharath Chandran

Year: 2022

The book is a critical analysis of the provisions of the Commercial Courts Act, 2015
which is aimed at ushering in reforms for the disposal of commercial cases in the civil
justice system. Beginning with a historical survey of the origins of the Commercial Court
in England and in India, the Act and the relevant decisions of the Supreme Court and
High Courts have been critically analysed. The book also undertakes a comparative
study of in-pari materia provisions and cases under the United Kingdom Civil Procedure
Rules, 1998. The exposition is intended to enable the reader to acquire a sound grasp
of the working of the Act. The book is intended for use by members of the Bench and the
Bar as well as academics and students, who wish to gain a theoretical and practical
understanding of the provisions of the Act.

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Civil Procedure
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