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The Conflict of Supremacy Judicial Reforms

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Year; 2023

Author:  Dr Vivek Singh

In his groundbreaking work, "The Conflict of Supremacy & Judicial Reforms," Dr. Vivek Singh, an esteemed Advocate of the Supreme Court of India, delves into the intricate web of conflicts between the executive, legislature, and judiciary in the Indian political landscape. This compelling narrative not only sheds light on the historical roots of these conflicts but also advocates for crucial judicial reforms to ensure a more harmonious functioning of the three branches of the government.

Dr. Singh's authority on the subject matter is evident throughout the book, drawing from his extensive experience as a legal practitioner and his rigorous research. The author's unique perspective, derived from firsthand encounters within the hallowed halls of the Indian judiciary, adds unparalleled depth to the narrative. His legal acumen and keen insights are skillfully woven into the book's fabric, making it a valuable resource for legal scholars and the general public. One of the book's strengths lies in its meticulous examination of the historical context that has shaped the conflicts between the executive, legislature, and judiciary in India.

Dr Singh navigates through the annals of time, providing readers with a comprehensive understanding of the evolution of these conflicts. This historical backdrop serves as a solid foundation for his argument that judicial reforms are imperative for the effective functioning of the Indian democratic system. "The Conflict of Supremacy & Judicial Reforms" is not just a scholarly exploration but a call to action.

Dr. Vivek Singh's impassioned plea for judicial reforms is grounded in a sincere commitment to upholding the principles of justice and ensuring the smooth functioning of India's democratic institutions. This book is a testament to the author's dedication to the legal profession and his unwavering belief in the transformative power of well-thought-out reforms.

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