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The Law Lexicon–The Encyclopaedic Law Dictionary with Legal Maxims, Latin Terms, Words & Phrases

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Author : P Ramanatha Aiyar
Year : 2020

The book is legal classic has withstood the test of time, since its first publication in 1940, and continues to ably serve the legal profession and everyone associated with it. It contains an alphabetical arrangement of terms along with their definitions. A handy, and of course, reliable law lexicon is the requirement of academicians, students as well as legal professionals.

This new edition is up to date and exhaustive in its coverage and scope; comprising Supreme Court judgments, so far as words and phrases defined by the Apex Court, the Latin Maxims occurring its judgments, the words defined by the legal authorities along with the Regional Legal Terms cited in its judgments, are concerned. In addition, statutory definitions from Central Acts, Ordinances and Codes and all the words defined in Rules and Regulations have been appropriately incorporated.

As hard as it is, a sincere effort has been made to ensure that this work continues to be dependable and all-encompassing, upholding its glory of being one of the oldest and most trusted law lexicons in India.

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