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The Law of Torts

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Author : Ratanlal & Dhirajlal
Year : 2023

Ratanlal and Dhirajlal’s classic work on The Law of Torts is the most authoritative, well-acknowledged and comprehensive commentary on the subject. First published in 1897, this legal classic has withstood the test of time, and served the legal profession and everyone associated with it, for over a century. Its appeal has not withered but has only grown with the passage of time. The simple and lucid way of writing makes this work useful not only for judges, lawyers and law students, but also for those from fields other than law. 

Key Features:

• Captures, discusses and, analyses the evolution of fundamental principles such as occupier’s liability, polluter’s strict liability, duty of care et al 

• Latest judgments dealing with constitutional torts, developments in principles of vicarious liability, negligence, nuisance etc. have been elaborately discussed

• Also includes judgments pertaining to arbitrability of tortious disputes and judicial forums for seeking tortious remedies 

• The law on apprehended or future nuisance has been examined along with the concept of Quia Timet injunction

• A short section on the ‘forums for tortious claims’ is added to the commentary for benefit of readers to identify the forum for tortious claims

• An additional value add is a concise yet comprehensive summary, at the end of the commentary, consisting important case law references

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