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Treatise on Leases (Covering Ind AS, IGAAP, IFRS and US GAAP), First Edition

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Author: Alok K. Garg and Chandni Gupta
Year: 2021

“Treatise on Leases” has been written very scrupulously to serve as one stop shop for accounting guidance on leases across the globe. The standard on leases has been revamped and brought tremendous changes in the accounting for lessees, while the accounting for lessors remain largely unchanged. With the alignment of IFRS and US GAAP on this standard and consequential introduction of Ind AS, users could feel an emergent need for a comprehensive guide to refer for lease transactions. This book is an endeavor to cater to that need of the users across the globe.
The book comprises of accounting guidance on leases in accordance with IGAAP and Ind AS. The text of Ind AS is meant to be referred in context of IFRS as well, as there is no major difference between these two standards. To give a holistic and comprehensive view of local and global standard, a detailed comparison of Ind AS, IGAAP, IFRS and US GAAP has been given. For easy understanding various case studies and practical examples have been used, a detailed analysis of a sample lease agreement has been given in the book. In order to allow readers, test their knowledge multiple-choice questions have been incorporated and to make this book a comprehensive solution, authors have given disclosure checklists based on AS, Ind AS and IFRS. Further, for a more practical and realistic outlook, the book comprises of disclosures from published financial statements of Indian and global listed companies. The book is updated as of December 2020 and serves a wide audience ranging from CA final students to qualified CA, CS, ICWA, CFOs, finance professionals, accountants and corporates.

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