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White-Collar Crime The Abuse Of Corporate And Government Power

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Year: 2020

Author: Ronald J. Berger

This book is designed for use as either a main text in courses on white-collar crime or as supplemental text for courses on general criminology, deviance, and social problems. The primary focus of the book is on two main categories of white-collar crime: corporate crime and government crime. The author places the emphasis of the book not on individual acts of corporate criminality, but rather on organizational acts - those crimes committed in the pursuit of corporate profits and government policies or those crimes involving a network of co-conspirators acting in concert. The book examines these types of crimes in seven chapters: Chapter 1 - The Problem of White-Collar Crime; Chapter 2 - Explaining White-Collar Crime; Chapter 3 - Corporate Financial Crime; Chapter 4 - Corporate Crime Against Workers, Consumers, and the Environment; Chapter 5 - Political Corruption; Chapter 6 - State Crimes of Foreign Policy; and Chapter 7 - Prevention and Control of White-Collar Crime. The chapters include theoretical concepts, as well as classic case studies and contemporary examples of white-collar crimes. References and index
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