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A Practical Guide To E-Auctions

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Author: Dr. S.B.Saraswat
Year: 2021

The one of a kind book on E-Auction, is the first book in its domain, written in a lucid manner to be read by a common man as well as experts. This book provides complete coverage on all aspects relating to e-Auction including the planning, implementation and the results. The book covers 10 success stories on e-auctions. Book has also focused on 75 ideas to grow the business through e-Auction which recommends the actions and precautions to be taken.

This book will find practical value and utility for the following communities and professionals:

  • Companies(For complete guidance on all aspects including pitfalls which must be avoided)
  • Bidders(For complete dos and don’ts s, planning roles and responsibilities for their growth of businesses in a safe and secured manner)
  • ServiceProviders (For detailed role of service  providers so as to be efficient with limited responsibilities. They can select the commission/fee model as suggested to be charged by them to clients)
  • Students and Academicians(Especially for management students, as this book covers all theoretical aspects with practical guidance)

This is the 1st edition of the book incorporating various facets of e-auctions such as design and planning, which are critical for operational success. This book is divided into the following 10 Chapters:

  • E-Commerce and e-Auctions: The new boom, delivering more than expected
  • [E-Procurement achieves higher service levels]Clear & brief procedure has been presented, giving practical tips to start e-procurement and e-selling, so that the total potential benefit of selling and purchasing is achieved with all its advantages in auto mode transactions.
  • E-Selling: A new avenue for better service and price through online engagement
  • E-Auction website
  • Hiring e-Auction service provider for e-Auctions
  • E-Auction – A proven tool for cost optimization
  • [Planning and designing of e-Auction]Fundamentals and basics of e-auction are provided, which is a pre-requisite for any implementer to understand, appreciate, and accept the methodology of e-auctions with full knowledge and clarity.
  • Implementing and conducting e-Auctions
  • [Ten inspirational success stories of e-Auctions that every company should follow to increase profit]The author has also shared his experiences and learning from previous mistakes.
  • [75 Ideas for increasing your company’s PROFIT through e-Auctions]The 75 ideas on how to grow business through e-auction, can be better utilised for company’s growth in volume and with a fast delivery service.
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