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An Introduction to International Law

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Author: Swati Singh Parmar and Adithya Anil Variath
Year: 2021

An Introduction to International Law is a preliminary text that provides a thorough understanding of the subject and critical evaluation of its processes. The book offers perspectives on the history of international law that would enable the reader to approach the subject with a non-European tradition. The initial chapters set the discourse in motion and prepare the reader to undertake the study of a legal system that continuously reinvents itself. With a brief history, approaches, contexts, concepts, theories and case laws, the book is aimed to assist the reader in her study of the subject. With the help of precepts and principles, those that are outdated and those that are retained, the text offers active engagement for the reader. The arrangement of the contents will invoke the reader’s interest in international law and will encourage further enquiry into the subject.

The book offers a study of recent case laws and accounts of contemporary events that make International Law a dynamic system. Chapter outlines, the structure of the chapters and suggestions for reading make the book reader friendly and accessible.

Civil Law
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