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At The Pleasure Of His Majesty: I.M. Lall And The Case That Shook The Crown

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Author: Chander M. Lall

Year: 2024

Releasing on 05/02/2024

This book is a pleasant read on a Saturday afternoon, and leaves the reader with an intriguing mix of sadness and happiness.’
                                                     —P. Chidambaram, Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha

The year was 1948, and a landmark verdict was handed down by the Privy Council, the highest court of appeal for the entire Commonwealth, at the time. For the first time in the history of the Empire, a subject had won against the British Empire. In 1937, Inder Mohan Lall, an Indian Civil Service (ICS) officer, invited the wrath of the Empire when he stood up to protect India’s national treasures. It cost him dearly, as it manifested in his suspension from service as the district and sessions judge. This marked the beginning of a long battle for justice, which concluded in 1948 with the Privy Council reversing his dismissal and his reinstatement in the verdict of High Commissioner for India and the High Commissioner for Pakistan vs. I.M. Lall. This case formed the foundation of Article 311 of the Constitution of India, stipulating due process to be followed before any civil service officer is removed or reduced in rank.

 At the Pleasure of His Majesty provides a detailed overview of the case as well as the events that led up to it, including what his Hindu family based in Lahore went through during Partition.

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