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Corona Summoned to Court - (THE GREAT TRIAL) Animal World vs Mankind

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Author: Medha Pushkarna

Year: 2023

Millions of lives have been lost. Corona virus is showing its full wrath, Mankind has charged animal world with taking law into its own hands by releasing the deadly virus and trying to reduce human population because it thinks man is destroying ecological balance. Animal world says it is innocent and it is a military made virus, which has leaked from its laboratories. It could even be an act of terror from one of the power blocks of the world against the other. It could be an excuse to wipe out more of animal world in the name of defending mankind. A heated Court room trial is on the cards. The animal world has appointed a trained Counsel, Meds to fight their case against human brutalities. Uncle Just, is the counsel of the human world. Meds, was an ordinary young girl, who is now at the centrestage of this great trial of the century. With experience of just one court trial, she has been launched to save the case of the animal world. She has been trained by Uncle Vasu, who is the best of the Devas for this job. He reposes great faith and confidence in Meds who will face Uncle Just. Corona virus from nature and from the military labs are in the witness box. A roller coaster battle of examination and Cross question and heated arguments is on. Many lives and many relationships are at stake. Love, hate and betrayal are all rolling against each other. Who will the grand Jury and the Court convict? Will the Corona Virus be arrested and halted? The action-packed legal thriller pits the ordinary looking animal world against the mighty man. Both sides seek the law to come to their assistance and save the planet. The Trial presents in a simple form, the most basic structure of Trial procedures and legal principles as they apply in most parts of the world.


Tags: #great #trial #greattrial #medha #pushkarna

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